How to graduate at the University of Lübeck

A short overview

You have been confirmed by the Steering Committee as a participant in the Dual Degree Program, congratulations!

1. Please sent to the administrative assistant in Lübeck

  • CV
  • Passport copy
  • UoS PhD transcripts
  • Masters transcripts
  • Master certificate
  • A photo for enrollment

2. Your transcripts will be checked by the International Office


  • You will be enrolled for University by the International Office (they will send you a mail with a checklist and documents)
  • If the enrollment is finished you will get an IDM account

Not accepted:

  • The scientific committee has to decide what you can do to reach the missing Credit-points

(For example include in the Center of Doctoral Studies (CDSL) in a structured graduation process)

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Prof. Karl-Friedrich Klotz
  • Prof. Enno Hartmann
  • Prof. Jennifer Hundt
  • Prof. Hauke Busch
  • Prof. Saleh Ibrahim

Dr. Inga Oberpichler (as guest)

3. Supervision Agreements

Please sign both Supervision Agreements for the CDSL in German and English with your PI (see Registration in Lübeck after admission)

4. Please register at the CDSL as doctoral candidate at the University of Lübeck

(see Registration in Lübeck after admission)


Now you are enrolled and a member of the University of Lübeck. The Lübeck-Sharjah exchange can start!


During your stay you are asked to do the ‘Good Scientific Practice course’ (see Your stay in Lübeck)

Please get in contact with your Lübeck-PI and the coordinator to find a suitable time for your research stay. The coordinator will organize your stay and sent you an invitation letter for application of your Visa.


During the next three years you will come at least three times, each eight weeks, to Lübeck:

  • Year 1: Research stay
  • Year 2: Research stay
  • Year 3: Oral exam in July, Graduation Ceremony in July (submission of thesis in year 3 in March (see Submission of thesis))