How to graduate at the University of Lübeck

A short overview

You have been confirmed by the Steering Committee as a participant in the Dual Degree Program, congratulations!

1. Please sent to the administrative assistant in Lübeck

  • CV
  • Passport copy
  • UoS PhD transcripts
  • Masters transcripts
  • Master certificate
  • Bachelor transcripts
  • Bachelor certificate
  • Picture

2. Your transcripts will be checked by the International Office


  • You will be enrolled for University by the International Office (see Registration in Lübeck)
  • If the enrollment is finished you will get an IDM account

Not accepted:

  • The scientific committee has to decide what you can do to reach the missing Credit-points

(For example include in the Center of Doctoral Studies (CDSL) in a structured graduation process)

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Prof. Karl-Friedrich Klotz
  • Prof. Enno Hartmann
  • Prof. Jennifer Hundt
  • Prof. Hauke Busch
  • Prof. Saleh Ibrahim

Dr. Inga Oberpichler (as guest)

Now you are enrolled and a member of the University of Lübeck. The Lübeck-Sharjah exchange can start!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since 2021, there are new doctoral regulations at the University of Lübeck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under the following link you will find all important informations:


Visit to Lübeck

You will visit Lübeck once a year for 3 months in July August, September. If possible, all students should come together.

The coordinator will organize your stay and provide you an invitation letter for application of your Visa.