Your stay in Lübeck

Please contact the administrator in Lübeck. She will organize your stay in Lübeck:

  • Application letter for Visa
  • Accommodation
  • Enrollment
  • Ticket for public transport
  • Health/Liability insurance
  • Transport from and to the airport
  • Activities with students/PIs

You have to organize:

  • Date of your stay (in consultation with your PI)
  • Flight
  • If needed: rent a car
  • You are responsible for your food during your stay in Lübeck


During one of your stays in Lübeck you are asked to do the ‘Good Scientific Practice course’. Please ask the administrator for suitable dates. You need to register with your IDM Account for the ‘Good Scientific Practice course’:

(The fields "abweichende Rechnungsadresse/Lieferadresse" can be ignored)